Let’s Tree Wilmot

Let’s Tree Wilmot provides volunteers, education, and expertise to enhance the trees and forest ecosystems in Wilmot Township.

Join us for tree planting events
and more. See our list of resources. Learn about the importance of trees, what tree to plant and
how to plant, and maintain them. There are links that share info on wildlife support, mini forest,
food forests, and much more!

Planting Trees


We had an amazing line up of volunteer and learning opportunities this year. Stay tuned for more events in the future!

Civic Gardens

Wilmot Hort volunteers look after over 70 gardens around the Township, all on public property. Why not take a tour around Wilmot and see what our wonderful volunteers create and look after? Maybe it will entice you to create a new garden or become a volunteer!

Junior Gardeners

Calling all youth from 6-18. Junior Gardeners have fun digging in the dirt, making friends and winning prizes! Once you grow a garden for 5 years, you will receive a trophy and a certificate from the mayor (see photo to left). If you would like to join us and discover the joy of gardening and more click here!