Civic Gardens Around the Township

Looking for some inspiration or ideas for your garden, why not take a tour around the Township and see the many amazingly beautiful civic gardens which our volunteers lovingly design, plant and maintain?  You’ll also get some great ideas from residents’ gardens. The two carousels below show the locations and photographs of each garden in the Township starting with New Hamburg and ending in Haysville.

If you are thinking about volunteering click here for more information.

WHS Gardens Around New Hamburg and Baden

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Civic Garden volunteers care for approximately 52 garden beds. 

They are located throughout the Township in New Hamburg, Baden, St Agatha, Petersburg, New Dundee and Haysville. 

Would you like to volunteer in one or two of our gardens? Then you’ve come to the right place!

All ages are welcome.  Volunteer as an individual or join a team! 

This is a wonderful opportunity to spread some bloomin’ love throughout the community.

This year,  we’re planning to have volunteers participate either as a team member or individual, depending on their preference. Most of the work takes place in May for the garden preparation and planting.  During the summer months we provide weeding and watering, where possible.  The Township has summer students who water the various beds throughout the summer months.

The vast majority of the garden beds are perennial with some annuals added for colour each year.  This year we are planning to focus on creating gardens for pollinators and using native plants where possible.

In addition to the gardens throughout the area, we design and plant the annuals for the two heart gardens at Castle Kilbride.  This garden requires a group effort for the spring planting and the effort lessens during the summer.


Think you might want to volunteer to help look after a Civic Garden, use our Contact Us form to send any questions you may have. If you are ready to join us and volunteer CLICK HERE. It is a requirement of the Township that all Civic Gardener volunteers are members of Wilmot Horticultural Society. Our annual single membership is $12 or $15 for a family.