Tree Planting Resources

If your browser has problems with these embeded videos, you can see them all at the Let’s Tree Wilmot Youtube Page.

How To Plant a Tree

How to plant a young tree the right way for long, long life. All steps from site selection, planting, mulching, staking, and protection. The focus is on ensuring the tree flare is exposed. Enjoy.

How To Tie Your Tree When Staking

Mike Yost, an arborist, demonstrates what to use and how to use arborist ties when staking your tree.

How To Water Your Tree

Watering newly planted trees and shrubs is essential in the first years. Learn what methods work best. The larger tree you plant, the more years, it takes the year to establish. For example, the size of trees planted on boulevards will take 2-4 years.

Wrapping Trees To Protect From Rodents

Rabbits, mice and beavers love the tender bark of young trees. Learn which methods work to protect them.